What is Coaching?

Transitions are an intense opportunity to feel, experience, grow and learn. It’s in the struggle that we learn. Transitions present a chance to choose expansion over restriction.

This is why coaching is an awesome experience! You will have an ally, a guide in your transition, who believes in you and wants the best for you, and will stand with you persistently and compassionately.

Coaching is an experience you choose because you want things to be different. You may seek to reach your full potential, or maximize your strengths, or overcome obstacles.

Coaching is about establishing a game plan to make positive, lasting changes that you choose.

Coaching provides a “set aside” time to focus on your priorities, goals and agenda. Our coaching sessions are a dedicated opportunity to plan and ask:


  • what is important to me?

  • what will I do next?

  • what perspective is most useful to me?

  • which action plan and steps do I want to establish?

  • which direction do I want to go?

  • what resources are necessary?

Just imagine if  anything  were possible?

Have you wondered what path to take? Life change can be hard.

Often the process of change is difficult and confusing. My clients desire to grow and improve and live life to the fullest, but getting there takes discipline and effort and is often uncomfortable. Too often, we fall short of the change we desire to embrace. Starting Coaching is one change available to you that is significant and beneficial.

Specialized coaching for individuals facing or creating change

The decision to coach is a simple step that gets you moving.

Together we will get clear on your direction, create your plan and help you stay on track. Our coaching takes place over the phone, at your convenience, two or three sessions a month. Coaching enables you to face or create transitions and change, with support. You will gain insights into what’s holding you back and what motivations are strongest for you. 

My commitment as your coach is to evoke transformational change in a dynamic, positive environment, where anything is possible for you!


You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ~ Dr. Seuss 

Let’s Get Started – begin your coaching!