“Movement, passage, or change from one position, stage, identity, or level to another.”


What do you feel when faced with change? Does the prospect of change fill you with excitement, or dread? Do you rush toward creating transitions or dig in against them? No judgements here, resisting might be the best choice for you!

But transitions often do elicit strong feelings in us that cause deeper emotions to bubble up. Have you noticed you are running away from something, or towards something? The real examination is to know what you want. Are you focusing on that or settling for what you can get?

When you are wondering where to find more in your life, ask yourself the simple question, “What are you avoiding right now?” Look right at that, examine it.

What would have to happen for you to move toward that uncomfortable place or decision?

How would you feel if instead of surviving, you were thriving? Amazing right?

Life transitions demand a willingness and courage to feel and experience the uncomfortable. A fear of change, the unknown, being out of control, can cause us paralysis. A need for certainty can keep us in our comfort zone because we fear pain, loss, sadness, being alone, or being “wrong”. We imagine if we feel pain it will never end, it will overwhelm us. We resist the feelings.

Now imagine what it would be like without that thought? What would you do? Who might you be?

Transitions are an intense opportunity to feel, experience, grow and learn. It’s in the struggle that we learn. Transitions present a chance to choose expansion over restriction. This is why coaching is an awesome experience! You will have an ally, a guide in your transition, who believes in you and wants the best for you, and will stand with you persistently and compassionately.


“Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle and transform into the brightest, strongest version of you ever!”

Let’s Coach! Barbara

Barbara Little Buckner founded “Team With You Coaching” out of a lifelong passion for uncovering what motivates people to be their best self. She brings a multitude of talents, expertise, education and experience to coaching and supporting elevated outcomes for individuals facing or creating life changes! M.A. Sport Management, University of San Francisco, B.A. Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Academic Life Coach, NASM Personal Training Credential

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