“Barbara is a wonderful coach providing excellent insight and the ability to create forward motion in order to reach client established goals.” ~ L.P. 


“Barbara is a Game Changer!” She creates awareness and breakthroughs for the SHIFT!” ~ K.M.


“Barbara is more than a life coach. She is that rock that we all seek in life. The one that you can count on to be there, to listen, to understand, and to always help you face challenges in your way. Barbara has made a huge impact in my life, and has helped me at a very young age understand who I am at my core. One of my favorite parts about our coaching sessions is we always start with a topic that I thought I already understood, but through Barbara’s coaching I am able to realize its deeper meaning in my life. I always leave our sessions with a clearer direction on how I want to tackle whatever comes my way. Hard to explain, so you will just have to try coaching with Barbara for yourself! I would recommend her to anyone! Amazing coach and mentor!” ~ A.P.


 “Coach Barb has helped me identify my mission in life and has directed me on a path to achieve my mission so that I can live a purposeful life on a professional and personal level. My state of happiness and achievement in all aspects of my life has exponentially improved because I now understand what areas of life to focus on and when. Coach Barb is passionate, compassionate, a great listener and a fabulous life coach. Blessed, having a blast and enjoying the journey with Barb!” ~ J.M.