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Why Coach?

Coaching creates a unique, empowered relationship for change. Teaming with a coach helps move you beyond where you would go alone, to achieve bigger goals, faster, with the support of an advocate for what you want and an ally as guide.

Coaching Works!


  • Navigate transitions and new experiences

  • Create change and purpose

  • Build certainty and confidence

  • Develop clarity and direction


Coaching Services:

Congratulations! Coaching is an investment in yourself! It is a unique process where we get to know one another and what’s important to you, and continue to meet one-on-one, over the phone, several times a month to pursue your dreams and create choices. I am based in the St. Pete/Tampa Bay Area, FL and work with clients from all over the U.S.

You are the focus of coaching!

Young Adults


Entering college or the workforce is an exciting and challenging transition in a young adult’s life. With new academic, social, or professional demands in this period of change, uncertainty, and promise, this is the ideal time to invest in coaching.


I provide a supportive, experienced resource who understands the big picture. My coaching focuses on the student and young professional as maturing individuals. I offer a sounding board and rudder for clients who are exploring and discovering who they are, what they want, and how to get there.


While the coaching topic is client driven, I will bring focus for students to academic direction, building school/life balance, and inviting personal growth.


My Career Path clients will benefit from my coaching to explore a path that fits their interests, navigating their new environment, finding a work/life balance, and building healthy relationships that include a strong sense of self.


Athletes & Weekend Warriors


I offer coaching for athletes to navigate their life and sport transitions. When your relationship to athletic endeavors undergoes a change it can be a surprising challenge. I have extensive experience with the athlete mentality and understand the function sport has had in your life, how it defines you. I know your sport, your role, and your athletic identity are extensions of your self.


I am sensitive to the issues athletes can struggle with and how changes in your ability or sport activities can cause unexpected identity confusion, loss of self esteem, loss of your coping mechanism, even isolation. And as an athlete you are uniquely and ideally prepared to master new skills, overcome challenging obstacles, and get stronger and better through coaching! It’s what athletes do! Let’s get started defining what success means to you now!

New Directions


Let’s face it, not all transitions are intended, or joyous, or without difficulty, as we would want them to be. But coaching can make the process fruitful, fulfilling, and fun! Hey that almost sounds like eating a pie! See? It’s fun already!


Whether you are curious about what’s missing, or are creating a change, or facing one, working with a coach can offer you the structure, support, and accountability to achieve results with a clarity of purpose.


I understand the process of facing personal change, rising to challenges, and reaching for more. You can count on me to be your advocate. I will coach you to find your motivations, be your ally as you become your best self, and stand with you as you face challenges and fears. Together we will find your path of strength from within. This is a choice you get to make!

Specialized coaching for individuals facing or creating change

My Services ~


Our coaching takes place over the phone, at your convenience, two or three sessions a month.

All coaching starts with an introductory series of sessions to get to know one another and what interests you.


  • Individualized One~On~One Coaching
  • Between coaching sessions you can take advantage of additional communication with me through email support for further momentum, inspiration, and accountability.
  • Maintenance ~ Check-in, or tune-up coaching for established clients to stay on track.
  • Walk and Talk Coaching ~ Walk the beach for Topic specific or guided coaching hikes in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Area, by appointment.
  • On Call Coaching Immediate Decision or Single Topic coaching always available without appointment for existing and former clients.

Are you curious about coaching and where it can take you? Do you want to achieve what matters most to you?


I am happy to offer a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to get to know YOU.


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You can count on my coaching to be emotionally safe, confidential, respectful, and compassionate.


Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. – CNN